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ON AIR is a game in the genre of SURVIVAL HORROR with Sci-fi elements.

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After a long way of searching where we are from and where are we going to, would we be able to accept the truth?

The game takes place in the USA in 1969 during hurricane Camilla that was the second most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the United States.

Ray Smith is the main character, a man with no past who rushes to meet an informant on a marsh near the mysterious ALGOL hotel. The informant has to share very important information about the missing employees of ANCHOR company, which is recently known for its technological success. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a company engaged in oil deposits exploration under the marshes, but the work was completed. Later, the ALGOL hotel was built on this site, named after a star in the Perseus constellation.

Waking up trapped in one of the hotel rooms, Ray is trying to hide from his pursuers, find his informant and figure out what happened. Ordinary rooms and corridors turn into overgrown and frightening jungle. Creatures lurking in the dark , strange shadows, metallic screeching… 

The main character finds unique devices, with the help of one of which he manages to contact another survivor, an Anchor employee. What to do, save yourself or stop strange things happening, as not only their lives are at stake. Together, they try to find out the truth and get out of the hotel, using the technology of a completely new and unusual world for them.


Enemies are represented by a group of characters with individual abilities and characteristics. Some of them have the intelligence and it’s not so easy to hide from them. Others are less reasonable beings that react to noise, act sharply and aggressively. There are also creatures that are in a state of dormancy until a certain point. The player has to find different methods of fighting with each of them.

The gameplay includes the search for the necessary items, as well as solving story tasks that help to reach new levels. Some items found in the game have unique properties. In addition to the main story at each level there are additional quests, allowing to reveal parallel storylines. During the game an atmosphere of 60s gradually transforms into an environment with Sci-Fi elements, which entails the appearance of many strange mechanisms and devices...


All Screens made by game content.


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We are still working on our game “On Air”, but we already have some achievements to be shared with.

System requirements





Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


20 GB


Intel® Core™ i3 6100

AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200


Version 11


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 6XX AMD Radeon R9 280X

GAME DEveloper

RainStyle Games is a studio, that lives by bringing computer games to existence. Our calling is to develop quality and immersive products. We are concerned about the future of what we do, as it will be entertaining you for years to come. We've built an international and friendly team, which helps us get things done and achieve goals we set.

Visit our site:

Our inspirers in developing the plot were Howard Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and sometimes we drew inspiration even in our childhood fears and fantasies.


How to contact us.


The best way to contact us is e-mail. Feel free to send your request on

Release date


We are working hard on the game, but unfortunately, the situation with COVID-19 this year made things more complicated. And we are deeply sorry for the delay. Despite this, the project is moving towards completion, it has grown, its graphics, plot and locations have been improved. The exact release date is being decided.

I want to do a review as a blogger. How can I do it?


We appreciate bloggers and the possibility to cooperate with them a lot. As soon as the final demo appears, we’ll be glad to provide it to you. Please contact us by

Demo release date


We’ve already done much more than the demo version, and we decided to release the demo closer to the game release. Anyone who applied for a demo on the site will definitely receive it.

Thank you for your patience.

Will the game be released on consoles?


We are planning to release console versions of “On Air”. Perhaps these versions will be released before PC release, but perhaps later.

I like your project. How can I support you?


We are very pleased with this, and are happy to receive any support.  

Subscribe to social networks, tell your friends about the project - all these will make “On Air” more popular. If you are willing to help us financially, it is generally super. This way you may sign up for one of our paid subscriptions. Game development is expensive, especially due to nowadays difficult times. Any help is warmly welcome and appreciated.

We are really grateful!