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    ON AIR is a first-person survival horror game, developed by RainStyle production, set in the author's universe. The game will be the first part of the franchise.

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We are glad to present you the first official teaser of the new sci-fi horror game called "ON AIR". By digging into the atmosphere of the 80s, you will follow along with the main character through the time, united as one. You will discover a frightening and mysterious story, where, step by step, you will meet friends and enemies; face difficulties and solve riddles on your path.

Overcoming these hardships will allow you to tear away the shroud of secrecy and horror, that has entangled the world around you.

The Story

The game takes place in the US of 60s, in Louisiana during hurricane Camilla.

The main character is Ray Smith, a bio-engineer, who rushes to his family in distress. However, due to heavy rain and wind he is forced to stay overnight in an old colonial style hotel that seems to have a friendly staff, at first glance.

A few hours later, he realizes that he is trapped in a place full of grim secrets, scary sounds and dark rooms. Suddenly, he discovers that there aren't any people apart from him. There aren’t any alive people. There are only aggressive inhabitants of the hotel of unknown origin, who are trying to kill him. Hiding in the dark creatures, strange shadows and heartbreaking grinding cause paranoia and claustrophobia.

The situation is complicated more by the character’ disease, as fear provokes an asthma attack. To survive, Ray has to accept the challenge and overcome his own fears, as well as to reveal the mystery of the guests’ disappearance. By solving these puzzles, he has to put together a story about what has happened to this sinister abandoned place and get out of there alive.

Throughout the whole game, a unique device accompanies the character — a radio, collected by a mad scientist, stuck in the same hotel many years ago. This artifact is not just his only link with the outside world, as in the process of plot development Ray discovers many interesting and useful features of this mysterious thing.



Rainstyle Production — studio was founded in 2014.

We specialize in creating videos and visual effects. For a long time we have been creating the game models for well-known companies.

In 2017, we started working on our own game "OnAir" and presented it at the GDC exhibition in the spring of 2018, and at an exhibition in China in summer of that same year.

"OnAir" is creating on UnrealEngine 4 engine with maximum elaboration of models and environment. Our small team tries to make the picture pleasant for the eyes, so that during the game you’d desire to look into the details. Of course, we did not forget to add an atmosphere of darkness and horror, filling it up with heartbreaking grinding and the sounds of old radios. Our inspirers in developing the plot were Howard Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and sometimes we drew inspiration even in our childhood fears.

We try to optimize our game so that everyone can play it on his/her computer! At the launch stage, you’d be also asked to adjust the quality of the graphics.

PC, PlayStation, Xbox



Our team is working very hard on the game and the DEMO version will be available very soon. In order not to miss this event and be among the first, just leave your e-mail. We will share the latest information with you.

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